UBH International

Manufacturer of tank containers, road tankers and pressure vessels

Road Tankers

UBH International, a name long familiar to many professionals in the UK road tanker market, is once again manufacturing road tankers for a wide range of applications.

This employee-owned company has five decades of manufacturing experience in the international transport tank market and now offers a comprehensive range of rigid and articulated tankers for the safe movement of bulk liquids and gases by road:

Variants include:–


  • High Quality engineering and design
  • Durable equipment tailored to customer requirements

Chemical Tankers

General Purpose (GP) Tankers with capacity up to 37,500 litres. Specifications can be customised to suit.


Food Grade Tankers

Capacity upto 37,500 litres, bespoke variants are available to suit brewery and dairy markets. Specifications can be customised to suit.

Cryogenic Tankers

 UBH produces a range of cryogenic tankers up to 52,000 litres for LNG or more typically 30,000 litres for industrial gases. Experience of design for use in harsh environments.

LPG Tankers

UBH manufactures road tankers for the transport of LPG with a capacity up to 56,000 litres.

Lined Tankers

Wide range of linings available for corrosive products including:

  • PFA, Polyproylene, Polyethylene and Rubber
  • Spray on linings such as Chemline, Proco-email, Sakaphen, Plasite, Heresite, Halar and Glass Flake

Lined tanks are typicaly used for corrosive products and products of ultra high purity including semi-conductor industries.

UBH International

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