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Intermodal Tank Containers

UBH International was a pioneer of the ISO tank container for the transport of bulk liquids.

This type of tank sometimes also referred to as Tanktainers or ISO-tanks, developed as part of the general move towards containerisation during the seventies and eighties. The company remains at the forefront of innovation in this type of product and can offer an extensive range of capacities and frame types in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft designs.

Capacities range from 7500 litres up to 44000 litres depending on frame size and type.

Link to data sheet (20ft tank)

Variants include:–

Swap Body Tanks

The swap tank developed originally as an inter-modal alternative to the traditional road tanker for transcontinental transport by road or rail and offering higher capacity than 20ft ISO tank-containers.

  • Capacities up to 35,000 litres
  • Single or multi-compartment tanks
  • Frame lengths: 7.15m, 7.45m & 7.82m
  • Ultra-low tare weight
  • Optional frame features:
    crash rails, grapple lift, offset corner castings, side lift


Heated Tanks

All frame tanks available with specialised heating systems to match product requirements: available as liquid (glycol, water or oil), steam, electric blanket or trace-heating systems (including options for thermostatic control and data-logging of cargo temperature.

Options available for telematic control and monitoring of cargo condition.

Reefer Tanks

Capacities up to 21000 litres for tanks with an end-mounted refrigeration unit and up to 25000 litres for tanks with a side-mounted refrigeration unit.

Options available for telematic control and monitoring of cargo condition.

Cryogenic Tanks for industrial gases and LNG

As one of the world’s leading builders of transportable cryogenic vessels, UBH International produces a comprehensive range of vacuum insulated tank containers in a variety of frame designs.


Up to 8,000 Litres for 10’ ISO
Up to 22,000 Litres for 20’ ISO
Up to 46,000 Litres for 40’ ISO
Other frame types and capacities available upon request.

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Gas Tanks

As well as ISO-Tanks for bulk liquids, UBH International has for many years supplied custom-built tanks for the transport of liquefied gases such as propane, butane (LPG) and ammonia.

These are available in a range of capacities and pressures and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft frame types

Capacity range 4000 litres to 52,000 litres

Other frame types and capacities available upon request

Tanks can be built in conformity with a range of approvals as required (ASME U Stamp, DNV 2.7-1 EN12079 and Norsok Z-015).

UBH International specialises in providing transport solutions to difficult logistical problems – please consult us for a rapid, practical answer to your gas transportation challenges.

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Multi-compartment Tanks

Twin pot, triple compartment and four compartment versions of all tanks including swap tanks and 20, 20 and 40ft ISOtanks, allowing the safe and efficient transport of multiple cargoes in the same tank container, for example four different colours of printing ink can be delivered in one specially designed ISOtank.

Lined Tanks

 Wide range of linings available for corrosive products including:

  • PFA, Polyproylene, Polyethylene and Rubber
  • Spray on linings such as Chemline, Proco-email, Sakaphen, Plasite, Heresite, Halar and Glass Flake

Lined tanks are typically used for corrosive products and products of ultra-high purity including semi-conductor industries.

Special material grades

UBH can produce tanks from a range of specialist grades including Titanium, Hastelloy, Uranus, Duplex and other specialist stainless ranges including 904.

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